A little bit about me...

Allison Bartlett, hailing from South Africa, achieved a Bachelor of Commerce degree before breaking barriers as one of the first South African women to excel as a Microsoft system and Cisco engineer. Her remarkable ability to collaborate, understand unique needs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in marketing high-end tech software sets her apart. With tenacity and resilience, Allison tackled challenges after relocating to the United States, focusing on family and pursuing citizenship. 

In addition to her achievements, Allison possesses a keen sense of observation, quickly discerning subtle nuances and behaviors. This skill empowers her to navigate complex dynamics, forge meaningful connections, and exceed client expectations with tailored solutions. Amidst the pandemic, she explored certified tennis coaching, while her sons' college journey opened new avenues for personal growth. Allison is trusted and respected by her peers and colleagues.

Allison obtained her real estate license, and is excited to pursue her career as a real estate agent. She has partnered to work alongside her established broker and mentor, Carol Camilli, at Camilli Homes Real Estate in Los Gatos. Allison’s firsthand experience with relocation and assisting fellow immigrants fuels her understanding of the joys and challenges of finding a new home and forging a fresh life. By joining forces with the Camilli Homes Real Estate team, adds the backing, credibility, that clients will receive the highest level of service further solidifying Allison’s commitment to exceptional business practices and making a positive impact in the pursuit buying and selling homes in the Bay Area.